DCT Advisors LLC provides policy and communication expertise to leaders in higher education, government, business and non-profit organizations who seek to make positive change and build organizational capacity. Services provided include: strategic planning, policy development and analysis, research and evaluation, government relations, training and development, and technical writing.

Strategic Planning

  • Review effectiveness of organization strategic and implementation plans.
  • Assist organizations to analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).
  • Work with organizations to establish strategic vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategies, performance measures and targets.
  • Facilitate collaborative planning process to capture participants’ ideas, develop comprehensive plans and obtain participant and external buy-in for implementation.

Policy Development and Analysis

  • Analyze and interpret legislation, law, regulations, and results of studies.
  • Draft policy analyses and reports and make recommendations for policy changes.
  • Draft new policies and procedures and facilitate their implementation.

Research and Evaluation

  • Provide formative and summative assessment services for educational programs and projects.
  • Develop research plans and evaluation instruments, collect and analyze data and draft reports.
  • Conduct needs assessments and provide technical assistance to research programs and projects.
  • Assist with higher education accreditation self-studies and program reviews.
  • Review and recommend research projects for funding.

Government Relations

  • Assist organizations in developing effective advocacy plans, including coalition, relationship and image building and grassroots outreach.
  • Assist organizations in implementing advocacy plans, including meeting with executive and legislative branch officials and developing and maintaining effective coalitions.
  • Draft and prepare comments concerning legislation and regulations.
  • Monitor and provide updates and alerts concerning legislative and regulatory activities.

Training and Development

  • Work with organizations to assess communication and leadership training and development needs.
  • Develop and implement customized training and development in leadership, project management, oral and written communications, including interpersonal and small group communication, public speaking and legal and technical writing.
  • Develop and implement customized training and development in higher education fields, including board governance, law, finance, human resources and management.
  • Provide project technical assistance to improve knowledge and skills, implement best practices and build capacity.
  • Provide one-on-one coaching for executives and managers.

Technical Writing

  • Draft legislation.
  • Draft rules and regulations.
  • Draft technical reports and analyses.
  • Draft grant applications and progress reports.
  • Draft press releases, articles and op-ed commentaries.